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AI is now Mainstream for Patent Analysis

Artificial intelligence (AI) is now mainstream for patent analysis.  For years, many people in the legal community have been trying to understand the implications to their practice of fast-approaching AI applications.  Opinions have ranged from those postulating that the legal profession is too nuanced to ever be significantly altered by AI to those predicting the complete demise of the legal profession as a career path.  (And, yes, there are afflicted individuals anxiously watching and hoping for the latter.) Most industry observers, however, have pragmatically assumed the truth will eventually fall somewhere in the middle.  However, many of them have been watching and waiting, as if a gavel will be pounded, and a verdict will be put forth with a determination of how AI will impact the legal profession.  Many are going about their business unchanged, anticipating a future day when AI may alter their landscape.

Search tools have incorporated, and subsequently improved, the utilization of AI.  Simply inputting a patent number can yield a plethora of related and potentially invalidating patents that AI routines can continue to hone and cull.  This can provide valuable assistance for jump-starting efforts for supporting patent litigation activity.  Additionally, natural language capabilities have been refined.  Therefore, it is now possible to reasonably search patents without extensive and complex utilization of Boolean logic. This can provide a starting foundation for patent prosecution and portfolio management activities.

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