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As the Fallout From Covid Continues, the two IP Superpowers Offer Different Messages

It may be some time before we know the full impact of the covid-19 pandemic and the knock-on economic effects on the global patent system, particularly when it comes to new patent filings. But this summer we received the first early indications from two of the world’s biggest IP powerhouses, which offered two very different messages.

The office’s own numbers revealed a fall of 3.7% in April year on year, in what it referred to as serialised utility, plant and reissue filings. There was also a decrease of 3.8% in the first two weeks of May year on year.

That drop-off in May, Iancu wrote, equated to daily patent fee collections of $11.8 million, which was 7% lower than the projected $12.7 million per day. “These trends are troubling and the current economic uncertainty could lead us to revise FY 2020 and FY 2021 revenue estimates further downward,” Iancu warned, referring to the agency’s fiscal years.

Source:  Law Business Research

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