The USPTO Patent Litigation Dataset

Many online services provide district court patent litigation dockets, documents, and associated patent numbers. However, none of these services offer comprehensive, hand-coded patent numbers and case types, plus full dockets and key documents (complaints, summary judgments, verdicts), downloadable in bulk at no charge and with no license restrictions. In examining litigation trends, many research... »

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The Future of Pharmaceutical Patent Litigation

The patent linkage system in Taiwan was introduced by an amendment to the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act on 29 December 2017, which adjudicates patent validity and infringement issues before the marketing of a generic or biosimilar product. Like the Hatch-Waxman system in the United States, patent linkage in Taiwan permits marketing approval of follow-on biopharmaceutical products only on condition th... »


Strategies Patent Defendants Use To Avoid Injunctions

Facing the threat of a patent lawsuit can quickly throw a company into uncomfortable and uncharted waters. Even if your legal team is confident that it can vindicate your legal rights, there is plenty of reasonable concern about how such allegations can significantly alter your prospects and the ability to conduct your business. The word “injunction” can create a special kind of fear a... »

Infringement of Intellectual Property

Defend Your Rights: Infringement of Intellectual Property

IP infringement is breaching of the protected work either by using, selling, and manufacturing or by exploiting it by any other means without formal permission of the rights owner. Counterfeiting and piracy are examples of IP infringement. Counterfeiting is the act when goods are adulterated to gain the benefit of the superior value of imitated products. Piracy is the unethical and unauthorized co... »

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