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Why Conduct an Intellectual Property Audit

The goals of an audit of that IP are to: 1) determine what IP your company owns, and 2) develop a strategy to effectively use and manage those assets to maximize their value to your company. In order to get the greatest benefit from what could be a significant investment of time and other resources, it is important that you and your management team understand why your IP audit is being conducted a... »

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How to Conduct Intellectual Property Audits to Protect and Maximize the Value of Your Company’s IP

An IP audit is a systematic review of a company’s IP assets and an analysis of its strengths and weaknesses. The goal of an IP audit is to first determine what IP a company owns and second develop a strategy to effectively use and manage those assets to maximize their value to your company. More specifically, an IP audit allows your company to: Identify under-used processes and how they can contri... »


The influence of Digital Innovation and Patents Management on SMEs: A systematic review

The following paper is written with the purpose of bringing together different perspectives drawn from researches, articles and studies of primary importance in the fields of patents, digital innovation and technological development and to weigh the actual impact that these different components have on the growth of small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs), especially in the European Union. Not pr... »


Patent Portfolio Management

IP/ Patent Portfolio Management forms a critical process and relies on dynamic portfolio development, mapping, and review process. Fundamental to IP/ Patent Portfolio Management is ‘knowledge’. Knowledge of both internal factors such as technical area(s) covered, business implications, product development and/or R&D pipeline, patent family, etc., and external factors such as curren... »

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IP Portfolio Management in Turbulent Times

Capturing the value of innovation is critical to a company’s success in any environment. But in these uniquely challenging times resulting from the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, thoughtful management of a company’s intellectual property (IP) portfolio can help a business not only survive, but thrive. The trick is to be pragmatic, strategic and efficient in managing the portfolio. The... »

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Your Guide to IP Management in International Business

Taking your business international can be quite challenging and may entail a number of risks, especially for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises(SMEs). It may be intimidating to properly address all relevant financial and regulatory aspects linked to such a step, while at the same time reaching out to potential business partners abroad. Before venturing into foreign markets, however, it is vital th... »


Successful Companies Don’t Just Patent Everything – They Make and Follow a Strategy

Sophisticated companies know that patents are indispensable in the modern economy. Patents are barriers against competitors practicing a particular technology. Without patents, companies gamble with their future by being defenseless against competitors copying their technology. But some companies go too far. Some companies—or their overzealous engineers or software developers—want to patent every ... »

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Proactive Protection: Intellectual Property Audits

Intellectual property (IP) is among a company’s most important assets. It defines a company’s brand and gives it a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Whatever goods or services your company may offer, protecting your intellectual property portfolio should be an important business goal. However, a company cannot adequately protect and manage its IP unless it knows what it owns an... »

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Why an IP Audit is an Essential Tool for Growing Your Business

Intellectual property is a vital part of a businesses’ bottom line. The reason? It’s where most of your company’s brain power goes, and that exact brain power used to build your business is what makes your business more and more valuable. We’ve discussed this topic often here, so you may recall that intellectual property is everything from: Patents for features that make products more attractive o... »


The Need of IP Audit in Successful Management of IPR

An organization needs to substantially maintain its Intellectual Properties such as maintaining a record of IP filings, prosecution, and maintenance and protection of such IP by taking affirmative action against infringement of an IP in multiple jurisdictions which requires dedicated time, money and manpower. This kind of well-maintained and well updated inventory of all IP assets helps the organi... »

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