IP Asset Management , IP Audit and Due Diligence

Why IP Asset Management Their IP assets are in fact worth more than their physical assets. This is often the case for companies operating in knowledge intensive and highly innovative sectors, or companies with a well‐known brand name. (1) Strong market position and competitive advantage: IP gives enterprises the exclusive right to prevent others from commercially using a product or service, thereb... »

JD Supra

A Compulsory “License to All” World: A Counter-Factual Exercise

In the highly contentious world of SEP licensing, one of the biggest debates in recent years has been between advocates of compulsory “access to all” and the existing “license to all” Regimes. Framed as such, this is an oversimplification which obscures the most important aspect of the debate over who is entitled to receive a license for SEPs. In order to understand the nuances of this policy deba... »

JD Supra

Strengthen Your Intellectual Assets: Structured Innovation

Structured innovation involves a level of diligence into the state of play in a specific technical area. Basically, it cross-references the capabilities and proclivities of your client with where business trends and technological trends are going. There are people and vendors for hire who can buttress your internal capabilities and get you on track for the next step: performing a white space ... »

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