Factors to Consider While Planning to Monetize or License Your Patents

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Monetizing Intellectual Property

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Commercialize Your Intellectual Property

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How to Sell Intellectual Property

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The Benefits and Costs of Intellectual Property Protection

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A View of Valuation and Licensing of Standard Essential Patents

As standard essential patents continue to gain economic importance, disputes surrounding them see no end in sight. Given the economic benefits at stake, the question arises how to come to grips with the valuation of standard essential patents. The Top Down approach seeks to identify a cumulative rate for the standard as a whole. In a subsequent step, it then aims to divide this rate between the pa... »

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Three IP Issues to Watch Out for When It Comes to NFTs

Seemingly overnight, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have exploded onto the market and into the public consciousness. The eye-popping prices that some have commanded—and their potential to revolutionize the concept of ownership itself—have investors, creators, platforms, and brands champing at the bit for a piece of the action. The concept seems straightforward enough: a digital file—an image, GIF, aud... »

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Exclusive Patent Licences Under English Law: Five Pitfalls the Licensee Must Avoid

The patentee has given you exclusive rights under the patent, so when someone infringes that patent, you can sue them, right? The answer may not be straightforward. Although, under the UK’s Patents Act 1977, an exclusive licensee has the same right as the patentee to bring proceedings for infringements committed after the date of the licence, the purported exclusive licence may not actually ... »


Patent Purchases and Litigation Outcomes

There is a vibrant market for purchasing patents. Operating companies buy patents from other companies, from individuals, and in bankruptcy auctions and distress sales. Non-practicing entities also buy patents from individuals, failed companies, or from operating companies that want to generate cash or to engage in patent privateering.7 In the last decade, a host of service providers have sprung u... »

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Compulsory Licensing of Patents and Access to Essential Medicines

A compulsory license is a license given by the government of a country to a person allowing him to use an invention without the patent owner’s permission. This happens when the patent owner doesn’t use the invention or uses it improperly. There have been various instances of a government issuing compulsory licenses to another entity for optimum and adequate use of the invention without... »