ANALYTICS: Which Patent Owners Faced the Most PTAB Petitions?

The top five patent owners who faced the most petitions against their patents before PTAB from 2019 to October 2020 are Uniloc 2017, Rovi Guides, Neodron, Bell-Northern Research, LLC, and Masimo. There is some overlap with the most litigious district court patent plaintiffs; Uniloc 2017 and Neodron appear on both lists. The number of petitions in 2020 was smaller than in 2019, with petitions ... »


U.S. Patent Statistics Chart calendar Years 1963 – 2019

This report shows the number of patent documents (i.e., utility patents, design patents, plant patents, reissue patents, defensive publications, and statutory invention registrations) granted since 1963 in each of the approximately 475 U.S. patent classes, the primary divisions of technology within the U.S. Patent Classification System. Yearly totals are provided for the most recent years. The rep... »

Japan Patent office

Recent Trends in AI-related Inventions

In recent years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) -related technology has shown remarkable development centering on deep learning. Accordingly, AI-related patent applications are increasing across technological fields. As growth of AI-related technology developments and patent applications is expected to continue in the future, the JPO researches the current status of AI related applications in Japan ... »

JD Supra

3 Key Takeaways – Technology-Specific Patent Filing Trends During the Pandemic

New US patent application filings on the whole have fallen modestly across the COVID-19 pandemic. New filings in the chemistry and life sciences sectors dropped by about 20%, while filings in various computer-related technology were level or actually increased. The ease with which computer-related technology workers have been able to transition to remote work may have supported continued innovatio... »

Law Business Research

The Strengths and Weaknesses of Third – Party Patent Databases

For the IP industry, third-party databases possess a great deal of information including patent and non-patent literature in the form of suitable descriptions and classifications. Several patent databases provide access to patent analysis with their unique capabilities. Most patent databases include a tremendous number of documents grouped by millions of inventions with millions of images from mor... »

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