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Complex IP Challenges in Autonomous Vehicles

AVs rely on artificial intelligence (AI) to recognize and interact with their environments. They map their environments primarily using radar, sonar, and lidar technologies that allow the vehicles to “see” their environment. Radar and sonar emit radio and sound waves, respectively, in pulses that reflect off nearby objects and provide the sensors data on a nearby object’s location, distance, speed... »


AI as a Patent Inventor

The “Artificial Inventor Project,” an international group of patent attorneys, filed patent applications directed to inventions that were supposedly “invented” by DABUS, an AI system developed by Dr. Stephen Thaler. The applications are directed to a light-emitting device that could be used as an emergency signal beacon and a food container. Now the patent is vulnerable to ... »


Importance of Algorithm in Software Patents

Two requirements for all patent applications are that: (1) the patent claims have a proper “written description” disclosure, and (2) “enablement” support. The written description requirement requires a patent specification to describe the claimed invention in sufficient detail to establish that the applicant had “possession”  of the claimed invention as of the a... »

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Using AI to Valuate and Determine Essentiality for SEPs

One of the major challenges when licensing, transacting, or managing Standard Essential Patents (SEPs) is that there is no public database that provides information about verified SEPs. Standard-setting organizations (SSOs) such as ETSI (4G / 5G), IEEE (Wi-Fi), or ITUT (HEVC/VVC) maintain databases of so-called self-declared patents to document the fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory (FRAND) o... »

How Much Time Should You Spend Organizing Your Patent Portfolio?

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Efficient Patent Litigation Through Smart Claim Construction Strategies

Patent prosecution is a specialized area of law that requires technical expertise and admission to the patent bar. A knowledgeable patent attorney can strategically frame the claims and the patent prosecution history to set the narrative of your patent litigation long before a complaint is filed. The claim construction process typically occurs early and can resolve a case in its entirety. For inst... »

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Patent Strategy: Your Business Plan

Understanding the three phases of the patent lifecycle, and having an appropriate synergistic patent strategy, is essential if you are to generate revenue from you IP. As a first step, it is important to think about the relationship between patents, and IP in general, and your business plan. It is easy to think of patents in isolation – a box-ticking exercise, perhaps to keep Directors or investor... »

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IPR Institution and Early Intervention – Patents: Post-Grant Podcast

This episode features Troutman Pepper Partners Dustin Weeks and Andrew Zappia, who discuss IPR institution procedures and strategies, including the importance of defeating a petition early as a patent owner, as well as considerations regarding patent litigation strategies as a whole.  During this podcast, our speakers also delve into the substantive and technical arguments to consider as part... »

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How to Overcome Rejections Received on PCT Drawings

A large number of patent applications are rejected in the initial stage of filing via the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) route. One of the most common reasons for such a rejection is an error in the drawings appended to the patent applications. Notably, patent drawings not only enhance the visual appeal of an invention but also help in better understanding the invention.  As per the PCT guideline... »

How to Develop Effective IP Strategy

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