How to Maximize the Value of Your IP

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Using Patent Analytics Dashboards for IP Strategy, Competitor Surveillance, and Portfolio Management

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Patent Maintenance Fees: Everything to Know

As to be expected, payments are unrestricted. The USPTO is not particularly picky about who their fees come from. The important thing to them is that they get their payments on time and as expected. Maintenance fees and any necessary surcharges may be paid by the patentee or by any person or organization on behalf of a patentee. This can especially come in handy when you have multiple business acc... »

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When Can I Put “Patent Pending” on My Invention?

There is no one way to emblazon, emboss, or stencil a patent pending mark. Nor is there a requirement for font size, or font type set, etc. The rules are subjective, but as the patent owner, you want to make it as obvious and apparent as possible without detracting too much from the design or commerciability of the product. If you don’t have a physical product yet, and your invention is hardware r... »

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Can Patents and Trade Secrets Co-exist?

In the midst of all the COVID-19 associated disruption, the Delhi High Court has rendered an important decision on the interplay between trade secrets and patents with potential far reaching consequences. A Single Judge has held that the same innovation cannot enjoy both trade secret and patent protection.  While on first blush this finding seems logical, the catch here is that the Plaintiffs argu... »

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Starting the Patent Process on a Limited Budget

If you are an inventor new to inventing, you undoubtedly believe you’ve come up with an idea, or two or three, that could really be successful. That eternal optimism and belief in one’s self is precisely what every inventor needs to succeed.  Now, if you are like the so many others who have walked in your footsteps before you, you’ve probably started researching how to patent an idea but have quic... »


An Incredible Invention

On appeal, though, the Federal Circuit found that the USPTO had presented a prima facie case by noting that the invention: “violates the first law of thermodynamics,” is “contrary to traditional understanding of chemistry,” and “violates the classical laws of physics” including conservation of mass.   The Board noted an “absence of any known scientific principles explaining how Appellant’s inventi... »

Patent Strategy for Startups

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Patent Politics in the Time of Corona

With no known vaccine or treatment, and the great panic it’s raised, COVID 19 has inadvertently brought to the forefront, the public-health, private-profits tension. This is a tension well known to developing countries, but now that this is a global pandemic with no known cure, it is being re-emphasised in the developed world as well. More importantly, it’s no longer relegated to health activists,... »

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A Patent Portfolio Development Strategy for Start-Up Companies

Successful high technology companies recognize that a comprehensive intellectual property portfolio can be of substantial value. One key component of the intellectual property portfolio is patents. A patent is a right granted by the government that allows a patent holder to exclude others from making, using, selling, offering to sell, or importing that which is claimed in the patent, for a limited... »