Strategies to Develop an International Patent Portfolio

The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) allows preserving international rights for most jurisdictions to delay choosing specific ones for thirty months from your earliest priority date. This strategy gives you the longest possible time to evaluate the commercial prospects of your innovation before committing large funds to the foreign patent application process. Now, it makes sense to file for foreign... »


How to Form a Patent Strategy

A patent strategy is a series of steps that companies take in order to secure their inventions and their position within the technological sector in which they operate. Similar to business strategies, patent strategies often require a preventive analysis of the status quo to identify risks and opportunities. The patent strategy concept is strictly correlated with the PLCM strategy. How to Create a... »

Elements of Intellectual Property Strategy

Intellectual property assets are more than just protection for valuable technology. Businesses with forward-thinking intellectual property strategies are also using IP to gain competitive advantages and drive new revenue opportunities. A holistic IP strategy can not only protect your business from an infringement lawsuit but allow you to leverage your IP assets for growth.  According to ... »


Patent Strategy: Open vs Closed

Traditionally, companies have used a closed patent strategy designed to protect and prolong the lifecycle of existing technologies from business competitors. Patents remain a popular way of safeguarding original work, with almost 3.17 million patents filed worldwide in 2017 (World Intellectual Property Organisation Indicators 2018). This is a 5.8% increase from 2016. The patent system benefits bot... »


Why Patent Translation Is Important

The rapid growth of technology and its globalization has extended the boundaries of its implementation beyond any territorial bounds. Today, every segment of the economy is being expanded worldwide on a large scale. This has significantly increased the demand for technology to be protected from it being used without authentication at both local and global platforms. These factors have dominantly c... »

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PTAB Strategies and Insights – January 2021: Petitioner’s District Court Stipulation Results in PTAB Trial Institution Under the PTAB’s Fintiv Analysis

In December 2020, the Patent Trial and Appeal Board’s (“PTAB” or “Board”) designated an opinion as precedential (Sotera Wireless, Inc. v. Masimo Corporation),[i] where the Board instituted trial, i.e., did not exercise its discretion to deny institution under 35 U.S.C. § 314(a), after carefully considering the unique facts of a parallel district court proceeding. Specifically, the Board applied th... »

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PTAB Strategies and Insights – January 2021: Federal Circuit Appeals From the PTAB and ITC: Summaries of key 2020 Decisions

Last year, the global COVID-19 pandemic created unprecedented challenges for American courts. By making several changes, however, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit was able to largely continue its operations. The most visible of these changes was that the Court began to hear all arguments telephonically, with some early denials of at least some parties’ requests for an oral hearing... »

Why Your Company Should Develop an IP Strategy

Why Your Company Should Develop an IP Strategy

For many companies, their IP is the most, or one of the most, valuable company assets. And because IP often involves complex legal rights, every company should have an IP strategy in place to maximize the value of that IP.  An IP strategy and some of the subtleties many companies must consider related to that strategy: patent eligibility, patent versus trade secret protections, timing pa... »

The Value of Patents in Your Marketing Strategy

The Value of Patents in Your Marketing Strategy

Your patent is your property, an important asset to your company. Paraphrasing the USPTO’s definition, a patent is an intellectual property right granted by the federal government to an inventor to prohibit others from making or selling their invention for a limited time, in exchange for public disclosure of the invention. That being said, a patent offers your company much more than legal pro... »

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Global Patent Strategies in the World of Technology & Engineering

Patenting an invention is a complex undertaking across all sectors – but there are particular issues that organizations operating in the tech and engineering fields need to contemplate as part of their global patent strategy. Members of Gowling WLG’s global intellectual property team will examine key patent considerations for tech and engineering businesses, such as: Global challenges: Examin... »