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Pandemic Patent Rights

Well, nearly 3 dozen attorneys general have written to the heads of the FDA, HHS and NIH to ask that the federal government step in to enable broader production of Gilead’s remdesivir drug.  Studies have demonstrated that use of the drug has severely reduced the risk of death, and it can significantly reduce the length of stay in hospitals for those seriously ill from COVID-19.  However,... »

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As the Fallout From Covid Continues, the two IP Superpowers Offer Different Messages

It may be some time before we know the full impact of the covid-19 pandemic and the knock-on economic effects on the global patent system, particularly when it comes to new patent filings. But this summer we received the first early indications from two of the world’s biggest IP powerhouses, which offered two very different messages. The office’s own numbers revealed a fall of 3.7% in April year o... »

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PTAB Strategies and Insights – December 2020

The PTAB Strategies and Insights newsletter provides timely updates and insights into how best to handle proceedings at the USPTO. It is designed to increase return on investment for all stakeholders looking at the entire patent life cycle in a global portfolio. The Federal Circuit further clarifies prior art date for non-patent publications; U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Patent Trial and Appea... »


India: Bypassing Patents Amid Pandemic: A Cautious Approach?

The grant of patent rights by the government cannot be easily taken away by the government itself. Even if taken the support of the international agreement of TRIPS, we find only exceptional circumstances for this bypass namely compulsory licensing. In the UK, we find that compulsory licensing can be granted after three years of the grant of the patent, thereby making it only beneficial ... »

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Patent Trial and Appeal Board Issues Final Rule Regarding Institution, sur Replies, and Presumptions

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Patent Trial and Appeal Board issued a final rule regarding institution, sur replies, and presumptions. The Board will authorize the review to proceed on all of the challenged claims and on all grounds of unpatentability asserted for each claim. A final major change is a formalization of the sur reply and its formatting. This can be found in rules §§ ... »


Request for Comments on the National Strategy for Expanding American Innovation

The USPTO seeks comments from the public that will be used to help draft a national strategy to create opportunities that will expand our innovation ecosystem to include all individuals, including those from underrepresented socioeconomic, geographic, and demographic groups. The questions below are grouped according to the categories within the broad conceptual framework outlined above for the nat... »


Holiday Gifts for IP Owners: Several Significant IP Bills Passed Last Minute by Congress

Late Monday evening, Congress passed a massive omnibus budget bill to avert a federal government shutdown and provide critical COVID-19 relief.  But that is not all – much to the surprise of the intellectual property world, the last-minute bill included several pieces of legislation, previously thought to be sidetracked in light of the current lame duck administration, that will alter the lan... »


What to Watch in 2021: IP Stakeholders Offer Predictions and Thoughts for the New Year

Each December, we ask industry experts to identify what mattered in IP for the previous year, as well as their wildest IP dreams for the New Year. In 2017, another year-end series was born—predictions and thoughts for the New Year. Attorneys instinctively eschew predictions—and after a year like 2020 we all have learned the hard way they are rather ill-advised—but these brave souls have gone out o... »

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Artificial Intelligence in 2021: Endless Opportunities and Growth

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is influencing the future of virtually every industry and each person on the planet. Artificial intelligence has been set up as the primary driver of growing technologies, for example, robotics, big data, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Moving into 2021, Artificial Intelligence will keep on going about as a principle technological pioneer for years to come. In 2021, ... »

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Your Guide to Covid-19 Vaccine Stakeholders’ IP Strategies

Public attention on potential obstacles to the widespread and affordable distribution of immunisations will continue to intensify. That means rights holders’ approaches to the protection and commercialisation of their covid-19 products will face heightened scrutiny from the public and governments. Several small molecule drug owners have waived exclusive rights to their potential repurpos... »