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The Role of Standard-Essential Patents for the Auto Industry

Most market experts predict dramatic changes in the auto industry because of shifting consumer preferences, new business models and emerging markets. The sector also looks set to be heavily affected by new sustainability and environmental policy changes, as well as by upcoming regulations on security issues. These forces are predicted to give rise to disruptive technology trends, such as driverles... »

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Software Patents: When is Enough Enough?

Developing a Disclosure for Software Patents: Discuss with the inventor the technological underpinnings of the novel functional aspects of the software and how those technological considerations support that function. Discuss with the inventor details that link the novel functional aspects of the software description to those technological underpinnings. Ask the inventor to explicitly describe why... »


Intellectual Property Rights During—and After—a Pandemic

Much-needed medical supplies were developed and manufactured quickly during the rapid response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Medical device manufacturers as well as new players stepped up to fill urgent demands. But how did intellectual property fare in the global manufacturing flurry? Sharon Hwang, shareholder and executive committee member at McAndrews, Held & Malloy, answers MD+DI’s questions o... »

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Avoiding Indefiniteness in Software Patents

How much detail is needed in a patent application for a software-based invention? Software patents present some unique challenges that many other kinds of patent applications do not need to contend with, one of them being the level of disclosure and care in drafting needed to avoid indefiniteness issues. While source code is not required in most cases, a growing body of case law indicates that ins... »

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Design Patents 101: Understanding Utility Patents’

Design patents provide powerful protections both on their own and as a complement to their more well-known cousin, utility patents. The highly publicized Apple v. Samsung lawsuits of the previous decade featured both design and utility patents, and revitalized public awareness of design patents in general. In fact, it was infringement of the design patents that resulted in the large damages awards... »


How to Protect Your IP as a Business Owner

When it comes to protecting your intellectual property, ideally, you want to act as quickly and aggressively as possible. What this means, in practice, is that as soon as you start to apply for state or federal licensing, incorporating, or taking any sort of legal steps to make your business a reality, you want to start working on getting the proper IP protection. Start identifying elements of the... »


Understanding the Intellectual Property Value Of NFTs

NFTs are digital certificates, or “tokens” stored on decentralized ledgers popularly referred to as the blockchain. NFTs use software code, referred to as “smart contracts,” to transfer the digital certificate of ownership, ensuring proof of ownership in the process. Like cryptocurrency, NFTs also use the blockchain to record transactions, but where cryptocurrency creates i... »

Resources for Protecting Your Intellectual Property

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Protecting Your IP From Devaluation With OpenChain Compliance

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Getting A Patent: Who Should Be Named as an Inventor?

Patents typically have a number of claims broken down into independent and dependent claims. So, you have to look at each of the claims and determine who conceived the invention. There can be cases where different inventors conceived different parts of the invention in different claims. Every time a patent application is filed, we have to ask, “Who are the inventors?” It is a s... »