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Freedom to Operate – 2021 Guide

There are two big (and very different) questions that inventors and businesses ask with respect to patents. Ok, well, there are a LOT of questions they ask… but, these are the important ones:

  • Can I get a patent on this invention?
  • Why can’t I sell my invention without being sued?

The first question is one that, if you’ve been reading our blogs and following my tutorials, is something that is VERY well covered. We explain everything from the difference between an idea and an invention, to patentability opinions, to filing the patent application at the USPTO.

It is, as you probably guessed, this second question, that trips many inventors and businesses up. When they go to actually make and sell their invention, a careful review of what they are making and selling should be undertaken. 9 times out of 10, the product or system they are selling comprises parts, pieces, assemblies, finishes, or a process that is not covered under their invention, and must be considered prior to sale.

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