Investors: How Monitoring Trending Patents Can Benefit You

Investors: How Monitoring Trending Patents Can Benefit You

A patent trend is a steady increase or decrease over a period of time that pertains to the filing of patent applications in a certain industry or field. For example, if you walk into a grocery store today, you’re likely to find a variety of meat-free options for vegans. Veganism has been around for a long time, but it wasn’t until a few decades ago that companies started patenting their meat-free formulas to create products to meet the accessibility for that core customer demand. The increase has been pretty consistent over time, and is only expected to grow with the increase of climate change and consciencious consumerism. This is an indication of a patent trend, but there are thousands of other examples, from computers and technology to medical products.

Since patent trends are just that–trends–you want to ensure that the company isn’t simply following a short lived fad. To be of real value, the companies you invest in and the patents in their portfolio should be a part of a larger movement that follows where the world is shifting. This will help increase your value as an investor and the value of the companies you put your money toward.

Source:  Global Patent Solutions

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