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IoT Patenting Made Simpler

The sole purpose of obtaining a patent on an IoT invention may be to protect the interests of the inventor(s) pertaining to what the inventor(s) may regard as the invention. In this regard, it may be important to focus on quality patents that are enforceable. Drafting patent applications that are way too narrow may lead to patents that may not be enforceable and should be avoided at all cost.

Another important aspect that may improve the quality of the patent would be drafting focused dependent claims. The prime importance of dependent claims emerges from the fact that the dependent claims act as back up claims for the independent claims. Accordingly, this objective should be prioritized over all other priorities of dependent claims. In as much as possible, features that form part of prior arts, especially obvious to combine features should not be preferred over important aspects of the invention that may narrow down one or more features of the independent claim.

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