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Quality or Quantity – Defining and Building the Ideal Patent Portfolio

Strategically effective patent portfolio development and management is vital to the financial success of any company, particularly technology companies. With studies finding that as much as 84% of the market value of companies in the S&P 500 is derived from intangible assets, intellectual property represents a large proportion of that value. In particular, patents are essential to maintaining and growing market share and profit margins for many companies. Despite that fact, many increasingly treat patent preparation and prosecution as just a budget line item, rather than a means to achieve strategic advantage and alignment with business objectives. This is frequently a mistake.

 This chapter discusses a framework for thinking about patent quality when developing a patent portfolio, and highlights a developing array of patent data analytics tools that can improve the effectiveness of both patent counsel and business stakeholders striving to balance patent quality and quantity while building an ideal patent portfolio.

Source: Law Business Research

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