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Recent Trends in Business – Related Inventions

Business-related invention* is an invention in which business method is realized using Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The patent system aims to contribute to the development of industry through the protection of technology. Therefore, an idea of itself cannot be eligible subject matter, even if ground-breaking idea for sales management or production management. On the other hand, an invention in which such idea is realized using ICT would be eligible subject matter as Business-related invention. Business-related invention refers to the patent application classified into G06Q as IPC or FI.

As an example of Business-related invention using IoT, consider a model consisting of the steps ① to ⑥ as follows; ① Collecting data from various sensors or devices, ② Transferring the collected data, ③ Storing the transferred data in the storage system as “Big Data”, ④ Analyzing the stored data by using AI etc. and outputting new data, ⑤ Utilizing the output data to any service, ⑥ Establishing business model in IoT. In this model, the system embodying own company’s business model can be protected as Business-related patents regarding ⑤ utilizing data and ⑥ establishing business model.

Source: Japan Patent Office

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