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Succeeding in Today’s Patent Monetisation Environment

The downturn in the secondary patent market has been well documented. Beginning in 2006 with eBay v MercExchange, legislative and judicial patent reforms weakened the asset class and disrupted the burgeoning patent monetisation ecosystem that had flourished in the early 2000s. Now that the impact of decisions like Alice and legislative creations such as inter partes review has been digested by the industry, a roadmap for success in today’s secondary patent market has materialised.

The fast-paced patent market of the early 2000s led to the aggregation of thousands of patents, covering diverse technologies. With the downturn, many of these patents were never deployed in a monetisation programme. These patents were often developed by legal, business and technical experts who have long since left the patent monetisation industry, taking with them the expertise required to unlock the true value of the acquired patents. 

Source: Law Business Research

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